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SeatGeek is a mobile-focused ticket platform that enables users to buy and sell tickets for live sports, concerts and theater events. SeatGeek allows both mobile app and desktop users to browse events, view interactive color-coded seatmaps, complete purchases, and receive electronic or print tickets.

On September 2020 a pissed customer wrote for Customer Affairs, saying that Seatgeek sucks: SeatGeek is the worst ticket reseller that I've ever used. I purchased tickets to a Billy Joel concert that was scheduled for June of 2020. Due to the pandemic that concert wasn't canceled, it was rescheduled to December 20, 2020. This wasn't ideal as our vacation plans were schedule for June and not December however, we thought we could make it work. Unbelievably, this event was just rescheduled to February of 2022. What? You have to be kidding me? I immediately requested a refund but was told I couldn't have one because it was reschedule.


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Former Employee - Event Expert says

"Little room for upward mobility. Very underpaid role considering it's based in NYC, and management/exec team will not discuss the CX staff's requests for increase in wage to match the cost of living. Needs work on D&I, and there's a lot of information siloing that happens. Many stipulations of the employment contract were changed after being hired with no notice."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Dysfunctional culture led by mostly inept bros in senior positions with zero strategic vision HR team valued friendships and being liked over making difficult decisions and actually doing their jobs Used "being scrappy" as a consistent means of problem solving, often ignoring the inefficient cycle of decision making that resulted"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No diversity whatsoever. Leadership is an absolute inept joke, full of Caucasian men in senior customer service positions who enjoy speaking in condescending tones. As a non-white woman, I’ve been consistently disrespected to an abhorrent level. I’ve reported racist remarks to HR with no resolution, because the white male who said them is a 5 star worker. I should be management and am held back by caucasity."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"- Unclear expectations - Manipulative management - Unrealistic goals - Failure to adjust with repeated failures - Bro culture - Almost no women engineers - Poor knowledge sharing - No shared product vision"

Former Employee - Product Support Analyst says

"- The company has a hard time drawing social lines between work and play, which can create a less than professional work environment. - The Enterprise team experienced growing pains without opening up discussions to the team to keep the team involved and active in important changes and discussions. Instead, individuals in higher roles were making big out of touch discussions. - Enterprise team has a huge lack of work/life balance due to weekend and evening sporting events. You must be okay with being available/reachable shall the occasion arise. - Compensation was decently below market average. Working overtime was presented as a 'treat' rather than a chore."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"As time progressed, the mission got more and more diluted. The diversity and inclusivity work the company recently undertook was half-hearted, putting most of the work on those in protected groups to figure out. That seemed unfair and kind of like a cop out, and didn't seem to have a lot of buy in from the execs. Everyone is burning the candle at both ends."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"While the people at SeatGeek are a plus, there isn't much diversity to go around. It'd be really impressive, were it not so disappointing, to have a company based in New York City be as white as SeatGeek. Management training/guidance is non-existent, the company is very good at saying that they value employees, they are not great at showing it. The company has shown no desire for fostering internal growth/mentorship. People Managers are left to own devices: If they're bad and stifling or ruining a report's career development, it is not an issue. If they are great and actively supporting and promoting growth/mentorship, it is ignored. As a result, bad People Managers are allowed to thrive and good People Managers tend to leave in frustration. Accountability, like people management, is dependent on the individual. If an individual doesn't hold themselves accountable, it is unlikely that anyone else will. It is a very reactionary company. Proactive improvements, especially internally, are rare. They do exist, but they are not standard. The D in D&I is improving. The I is less than ideal. There is a clear hierarchy of teams that leadership feeds into, though they may not be aware that they do so. Product is at the top of the mountain, CX is at the bottom. There is a lot of siloing. Efforts to improve cross-functional work and collaboration is often ignored or not prioritized."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- I wish I could give SG two sets of ratings, one for <75 headcount when actually operating like a startup, and one for afterwards. SG did great on that initial push, building a successful product, user base, and business strategy. However, because of that velocity and the lack of experience at mature orgs that many higher ups have, they did not focus early enough on critical self-health areas - management, career growth, mentorship, cross-team communication, product ownership, etc. These are all sorely lacking. - Every company goes through growing pains, so the above might have been fine if that was it - we can learn and grow together, no worries. But in addition, there is a sense of denial about these problems that becomes very frustrating and hard to comprehend after you keep bringing up the same issues over and over again. - Immature processes, lack of accountability - it shouldn't be weird to talk about things that are going poorly that you want to improve, but that's what it often feels like. See 'denial' above. - It's something like 1% female (at best) on the engineering team, which is insane. Frustrating, because it's another example of something that could have been proactively course corrected."

Current Employee - Manager says

"- Leadership team does not have true organizational discipline - e.g, planning for board meeting takes weeks/months; new OKRs each quarter are frantically generated with little long-term and team thinking - Mixed experience/tenure from leadership team (many first time C-level execs) - Mixed experience from front-line managers (lots of first time managers)"

Ryan Roseberry says

"I purchased two tickets to football game, after I purchased the tickets I wasn’t sure if I was going to attend so I listed for sale through Seatgeek. A short while later I delisted the tickets and we headed to the game. I checked and made sure the tickets were there and I had access to them. We drove 2 hours to the destination of the game and once we got there I checked the tickets again. They weren’t there and there was no notification on the app or email what had happened. I contacted Seatgeek and they had said that when the tickets were listed they were put on NFL Ticket Exchange and sold. I asked if I could get some type of confirmation email of this they said would have to come from Ticket Exchange because that is where the sale happened. I waited and never received email from Ticket Exchange so I contacted Seatgeek again and asked for an email from them showing some type of confirmation of what happened, they sent me a brief email just saying they could see where the tickets were sold on NFL Ticket exchange. I attempted to contact NFL Ticket Exchange but their phone systems were down so I had to send an email. The following day I received a response from Ticket Exchange saying they have no record of selling the tickets and they said I need to contact Seatgeek because they handle this particular teams tickets. I called Seatgeek again and they are adamant that tickets sold through Ticket exchange and they are the ones to contact so basically I’m getting the run around on this while Seatgeek didn’t release my tickets to attend the game but are charging my credit card for them. I fully plan to dispute this charge with my credit card and have already consulted an attorney on how to proceed but I hope that we can get this situation resolved without having to go that route. Thank you."

Amelie says

"Bought tickets through Seatgeek in March 2020 for a concert in May. Concert was cancelled but Seatgeek quietly changed their refund policy in the middle of this Covid nonsense. Had to fight for my money back and also joined the class action suit against them. I’m interested in all the “excellent” 5 star reviews for events in 2020 as all events were cancelled. Perhaps trustpilot needs to be reviewed as I sense some fake 5 star experiences."

Janna Binder says

"I purchased Billie Ellison tickets due to COVID it was postponed - I am wanting a refund it has been over a year with no update"

BAMA fan says

"I ordered two sets of four SEC Championship mobile tickets from Seatgeek, the first set of four came instantly as expected and promised the other four hit endless delays. Meanwhile my invited guests could not book air and hotel while waiting for tickets to come. We had endless emails (complete documentation) and many calls with unfulfilled promises So plans were aborted and friends uninvited.

The explanation by Seatgeek was that acting simply as middlemen they could not control their ticket source, Ticketmaster.

Cancellation of the unfulfilled order was refused, and a disputed charge with AMEX ensued. Should the dispute with AMEX fail, I intend to look into further actions through my company’s Council as a matter of principal.

If you choose to do business with this group I suggest you only risk an amount you are comfortable losing. I lost a few thousand dollars, disappointed friends who wanted to join me as guests for the game, and ended up spending miserable weeks keeping my friends in flux about the game I had invited them to.

In my opinion, this is a poor business and at no point did they live up to any promises made.

I have bought multiple hundreds of tickets to national championships, bowl games and SEC playoffs with no problems. This is my first time getting burned.

I fully expect the company reputation defenders to try to refute my assertions, express insincere concern over my discontent, and then suggest we talk; standard gobbledegook response to bad press. Do not be fooled.

I also noticed a HUGE discrepancy in the review ratings on their website versus other review venues, you can check to see if you see the same differences."

Thomas Wright says

"Seat geek does not care about its customers. I ordered tickets months in advance and tried to cancel a week later and they won’t refund me. Apparently it’s in the fine print, but I don’t recommend anyone doing business with a company that won’t refund you months in advance and when you haven’t cost them a dime."

Shelly Korb says

"SeatGeek knowingly posted tickets for sale with a postponed event. I, unknowingly purchased tickets and then the event was canceled. Having said that, I have reached out to SeatGeek many times for a refund without a satisfactory response. Do not use SeatGeek for they are a scam company!"

Barry Bell says

"Ordered tickets for an event. Never received etickets. Support ignores any requests for missing tickets in till 1 day before event, Go somewhere else which delivers."

Earl Hamilton says

"Bought tickets to see Alter Bridge in Destin, Florida. Covid-19 hit and the show was initially postponed & then cancelled. I received a full refund from TicketWeb (official tkt seller) but Seat Geek continues to insist that the show is only postponed. from May 2020. Do not trust this broker with your money."

FS says

"Disappointing to say the least. So my event was cancelled like many others during the pandemic. I had to wait for 3 months after the cancellation to even get started with a refund which isn't SeatGeeks fault but the venues delay in officially canceling versus rescheduling. But when Seat geek says i get a full refund and to wait 3 weeks, and then nothing comes I start to get annoyed. This should have been in June. In August I email them to ask where my refund is and no response. So again I email them and still nothing. 6 months after they got the word the event was cancelled and they stated I would be getting a refund, i still have not seen the money nor any other communication regarding it. I realize the pandemic caused major refunds, but 6 months to figure it out is incompetence by the company. there are may other ticket agencies out there like Vivid seats, Ticketmaster and stubhub that I will be using from here on out. At this point not holding my breath to see the refund anytime soon, and that really tells me all i need to know about this company."

Reggie Withers says

"I bought game 7 tickets to the World Series through SeatGeek for the Dodgers vs Rays. The good news the Dodgers, my hometown team won. The bad news I could not go see them in person. I read SeatGeeks guarantee if there was not a game 7 they would refund me my money.

A week goes by, no refund. Two weeks go by, still no refund. So I email SeatGeek who emailed me verbatim "you will receive the email within 3 to 4 weeks since this is the process to follow for all events canceled due to COVID issues." To my knowledge that while Justin Turner did have a positive COVID test game 7 did not occur because the Dodgers had won the World Series and thus was impossible to happen. And the 3 to 4 weeks was just to receive the option for a refund.

Now over a month, they sent me options to obtain a 140% refund or a full refund. After choosing my full refund I am now told it will take an additional 30-45 days to receive my refund.

I am an ER nurse and I am aware of how COVID have ravaged a litany of businesses' finances. But this is beyond horrible business practices and I urge anyone to think twice before ever using this platform to purchase tickets."

Mike Mayco (Bluesville) says

"After a 5-month hassle I finally got a refund from SeatGeek. Then was rebilled on my next credit card statement the same amount. Customer service with this company is non-existent. Beware"

Aaron Rubin says

"Steer clear of Seat Geek. They are not honoring their Buyer Guarantee and are refusing to refund my ticket for a cancelled event. Been back and forth with their customer service but they are giving me the run around. Would never buy from them again."

Andrew Wheeler says

"This sight is the worst - DO NOT USE. I swear I am being scammed. They keep saying I have tickets, but the area for the tickets - says Your Tickets will appear here- NO TICKETs. No customer service- looking to reverse charge on AMEX."

Tere Escobar says

I paid $446.88 for three tickets, concert canceled, after several back and forth e-communication with them with no solution, I called Ticketmaster today and asked for advice, they forwarded my call to seatgeek. The guy told me due to COVID they are unable to refund to my bank account, however, I must purchase a seatgeek card from any store for $400.00 and they will attach my $446.88 to this card plus $100 they will give me for the inconvenience. Like if I will be so stupid to believe this. I called them SCAMMERS and hung up!!!!"

Paul Clark Ford says

"Bougt tix for two Univ of Florida away games. Had tremendous issues accessing tix for Ole Miss game, but eventually did. Having same issue accessing Texas A&M tix, but this time, two weeks after Ole Miss game, support n/a by phone till 24 hours before game. Flying to Texas today w/o tix and pretty nervous about it. Won't ever use them again. StubHub is better."

John Harris says

"Trash!! The offered me a promocode said if I had remainder of promocode if I didn’t use all, ask for new promocode and they said they can’t do that. I specifically ask if they could do that LIARS and Thives"

Joy Barley Gascon says

"Stay away from Seat Geek. They've owed my a refund on my Brewers tickets ($659) and I was promised I would get my money credited back to my credit card and they lied. (DO NOT let them try to automatically refund to a Seat Geek account for future use.)
They are crooked liars. Buy beware."

Kirsi Chavez says

"If I could give them - I would. I hate this s.k. company. BTS has canceled the world tour due to the pandemic and the venue even told me over the phone today: it has been canceled!'
I have been trying to get my refund but they keep on saying its postponed. My ass!! we all know by now BTS will not come to USA anytime near future due to covid-19, how hard is it to give us the refund that we need especially now during these hard times. Every time I call, same thing, there is no manager here today". I will NEVER use them again and I will now pursue legal action against them. I am so disappointed."

Jill says

"Purchased tickets to a concert that was cancelled. At time of purchase refund was available for cancelled events. NOW my "refund" is a credit to seat geek account. That's not a refund, its "Seat Geek keeping customer's money".

I sent email stating I want my refund, not credit. As others have stated, I never got the elusive '2nd email' with info/instructions on how to get refund. I received a reply saying I had to choose between refund and credit and notify Seat Geek. I replied I wasnt cash refund asap. We will see if I receive it."

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